6 months Australia

Welcome, Välkommen, Bienvenue, Bienvenido, Willkommen to my little Blog. Here  I post some updates about my Adventures and Life here in Australia. Best part about it is all the funny pictures I get to share with you guys. Hope you find it somewhat entertaining. Cheers Its about 2 months since I last posted here... I guess I have to stop being so lazy. Anyways I decided to post in english from now on. During my 6 months in Australia I've met heaps of Amazing people and there is no reason to keep this in Swedish anymore. Anyways. On The day Im writing this ive been staying in my shared house in West Footscray (Melbourne) for 3 months. Quality of the house is pretty crappy to be completely honest. But it doesnt bother me too much, after all, the only reason I'm staying here is that I can save a lot of money doing it. Money I rather spend on other things, for example doing fun stuff and continuing my travels. Ive made many new friends in this house and we have very many and sp